Hada Waladi Foundation

The Hada Waladi Foundation was founded in 2011 as a humanitarian international organization, which works together with international NGO's to provide comprehensive support to orphans and local families, affected by severe circumstances, resulting in the deprivation of welfare and basic human needs. This group of people, with limited capabilities and precarious livelihoods, is dependent on and supported by committed individuals with an extraordinary positive desire to help the weak.

Hada Waladi Foundation collaborates also with various individuals with a strong motivation to support those who are in a state of adverse circumstances. In addition, the goal is to accelerate pragmatic support in order to minimalize the psychological and the physical effect that harms people’s wellbeing, such as the loss of self-esteem, ambition, aspirations and health. In cooperation with our international colleagues, Hada Waladi Foundation has set up essential projects in which important elements are determined and focused on, to tackle these severe conflicts.

Who we are

Hada Waladi Foundation is a charitable non-profit organization, based in the Netherlands and Morocco, which was established in order to help some of the most vulnerable and needy orphans, children and families in Morocco. Hada Waladi Foundation is committed to the alleviation of all forms of poverty and deprivation, concerning the vulnerable orphans and needy children and families in Morocco.  Hada Waladi Foundation is committed to the general well-being of orphans and needy children and families in support of the following categories: health, food and protection, education, and medical care for those who lack these basic needs. Hada Waladi Foundation is working actively since 2010 with national and international NGO’s, with coordination of the local and national governments, to reduce and solve these issues.  Hada Waladi Foundation is always seeking for participants and sponsors to participate and contribute to one or more of the numerous projects of Hada Waladi Foundation. Much of this project work is centered on orphans, needy children and families and orphanages, although many schemes are designed to help communities and areas to ‘lift themselves’ out of the cycle of deprivation, whose effects inevitably have a negative impact on widows, orphans and other vulnerable members of society. 
Sustainability is the key to long term development projects, and at Hada Waladi Foundation necessity is the keystone of our policies, to ensure that the recipients of any aid are brought out of the ‘cycle of poverty’ which blights the lives of successive generations.

Hada Waladi Foundation intends to play a leading and effective role in the battle against poverty, starvation, illiteracy and exploitation. Our goals are to ensure that orphans, needy children and families in the areas we are working in, are no less well fed and clothed than other children in more fortunate circumstances, and that they are able to take advantage of the same opportunities as other children and families. We aim to provide full healthcare, food, protection, healthcare and social activities to all the orphans, needy children and families under our care.

What we do

We all know the terrible consequences of a crisis, poverty, exploitation, rejection, abuse, or death of the parents, which can lead to a deluge of orphans, children and families in their wake. Orphans, children and families, who are desperately seeking help, are such in virtually every aspect of their lives. Waladi Foundation has comprehensive programmed projects for the needy, to assist and support them on any level whatsoever. We achieve this with God’s help and support of sponsors, communities and friends.